Single Board Computer with Renesas SuperH SH7780 processor



  • Renesas SuperH SH7780 Processor @ 400 MHz
  • On-board memory: 128MB DDR SDRAM / 32MB NOR Flash
  • USB, Ethernet und serial ports
  • LCD-VGA-Graphics, Touch controller
  • Audio
  • CAN-Controller
  • CF-Card Controller, MMC Controller
  • Temperature range -0°C..+70°C, optional -40°C..+85°C
  • Fine-Pitch connectors that can be mounted onto any base board
  • Low power consumption: runs fanless!

The board is also available as a Core-module.

Operating systems for HiCO.SH7780:

emtrion optionally supplies the boards with a preinstalled OS. This allows the user to instantaneously create their own applications.